Mountain Home AFB // Facility Installation


Track Utilities, LLC was contracted to install new underground facilities and remove existing overhead lines at the Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Stringent government safety policies and construction specifications, coupled with high-security concerns, made for a complex situation requiring great attention to detail and exceptional teamwork. Utilizing the assistance of the bore division and a directional bore this project was successfully brought to completion with minimal disruption to the activities on the Air Base.

In just over three months we completed this contact with a very satisfied customer, thus continuing our great working relationship with Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company // Fiber to the Home


Track Utilities, LLC was contracted in 2016 by Farmers Mutual Telephone Company to work on a large Fiber to the Home project in Fruitland, Idaho. This project placed approximately 36,000 feet of a mix of one to three 1.25 inch inner ducts and utilized trenching, boring and plowing. 

We started construction in early fall with the fiber being placed in early winter. Both subcontractors and Track Utilities employees were used to run 70,800 feet of fiber, varying from 288 to 4 strand, to 483 homes and businesses. We also placed approximately 280 hand holes and pedestals. The biggest challenge associated with this project proved to be coordinating with home owners due to the fact most of this build was in backyard easements and private properties. 

Farmers Mutual is pleased with the progress and the outcome of the project.


Track adheres to the belief that Safety comes first. Our commitment to Safety takes precedence over everything on each and every project, each and every day in the shop, at the office or in route to the job. We believe Safety of our employees and customers is a fundamental part of our company’s success.



Unsurpassed quality is the expectation for all of the projects Track contracts to complete. When dealing with utility projects the safety of our workers, our clients, and the general public is at stake so nothing short of excellence is acceptable.



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