Underground Joint (Multiple) Utility Installation

Developers throughout our market area have come to appreciate the advantages of working with Track Utilities Joint Utility Trench program. It is an approach to installing utilities to new developments, primarily residential, that streamlines and simplifies the process.

This unique program, spearheaded by Track Utilities and Idaho Power, offers a turn-key approach to utility installation. Track works with each provider to place all your utilities, pull wire, make up transformers and charge gas lines. We take care of it all at one time, one contractor, on time, and within budget.

Utility Excavation Services

  • Natural gas
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunication
  • Cable TV
  • One Trench
  • One Contractor
  • A Decade of Experience



Why Track Utilities?

A proven record of dependable, safe and top quality dry utility services makes Track the obvious choice for your installation and service needs.


At Track Utilities safety comes first, on every project, on every day. We believe safety and job quality are inextricably connected.

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